Tap Heroes 10k Steam Key Giveaway

Feed Me Pixels has teamed up with our friends at VaragtP Studios the creators of Plantera to celebrate their new game Cooking Witch with an exclusive 10k Steam key giveaway for Tap Heroes. Simply follow the instructions on the form below by showing some love to redeem your Steam key. Besides the keys we’re giving away here, hundreds of active Feed Me Pixels members will receive keys on our Discord server and Twitch channel just for being awesome!

In VaragtP Studios newest game Cooking Witch you are a witch flying to a party in the woods, abducting the children and cooking and eating them. Cook and eat as many children as you can and compete with other players on the Meat Board, but watch out for the angry Daddies or they will hunt you down! Add it to your wishlist or buy it now.

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